Bite-a-Snake Cafe'

After the snake has gone through the butchering process in the butcher shop, the meat is shipped to the Bite-a-Snake Cafe' where it is
battered and fried. The Cafe' is open only for the Rattlesnake Derby and only serves fried snake meat. Now, the snake meat is served
with a piece of bread and your choice of a drink. Some say that snake meat tastes like chicken; others say it tastes like fish. Well, in
our opinion snake meat tastes like snake!

The Mangum Mounties run the Bite-a-Snake Cafe'. The Mounties receive a portion of the funds earned in order to finance all their
efforts. The Bite-a-Snake Cafe' opens and closes based on the flow of customers. However, normally, they close before dark.

After watching a snake get processed in the Butcher Shop, you can go next door and have snake for dinner. Snake meat is extremely
boney and we strongly suggest that you use caution when eating it.  A choking hazard may exist for small children. The best meat of
the snake is located along its spine. We wouldn't call a piece of snake a "meal" but it sure is a tasty snack.
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